Aerospace Systems

General subject – Head of Department: Mr Jason Stevens

Aerospace Systems provides opportunities for students to learn about the fundamentals, history and future of the aerospace industry. They gain knowledge of aeronautics, aerospace operations, human factors, safety management and systems thinking that enable them to solve real-world aerospace problems using the problem-solving process in Aerospace Systems.
Students learn to understand and interpret the relationships between and within connected systems and their component parts. They identify patterns in problematic aerospace systems situations and propose solutions.
Students develop and use skills that include analysis, decision-making, justification, recognition, comprehension and evaluation to develop solutions to aerospace problem situations. Students become self-directed learners and develop beneficial collaboration and management skills as they solve aerospace systems problems.


A course of study in Aerospace Systems can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of aviation management, flying streams, engineering and aerospace technical disciplines. The study of Aerospace Systems will also benefit students wishing to pursue post-school pathways in diploma and advanced diploma courses in the technical and paraprofessional areas of customer relationship management, workplace health and safety, engineering, human resource management, systems analysis and technology-related areas.


  • Year 10 English with a minimum of a C grade


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